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Women's History Month 2021: Nanny Jack


Often people wonder where our company name came from. Here's the inspiration: With a fourth grade education and a take no prisoner's attitude, Gertrude B. #NannyJack Jackson's life journey lead her to almost 100 years. On those many days that I feel tired, stressed, and depressed, I reflect on the many stories she shared about her life's experiences during Jim Crow, birth in #WestVirginia, migrating to the colored enclave of #EastTowson (#SandyBottom), eventually becoming a pillar of strength in historic #Sandtown (#OldWestBaltimore) and ending up in historic #TenHills.

It gives me great strength to see many of her attributes that were in her late daughter, my grandmother Mary Frances Watkins, in my mother Betty Louise Merrill, and in me. Our legacy is rich, our impact is strong, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Nanny Jack.

It gives me a great deal of please to know that wherever she is, she's still got her hand on her hip running things. And #NannyJackAndCoLLC always makes her proud.

Nanny Jack is also mentioned in the Black America Series: Baltimore (Arcadia Publishing, 1999) and Images of America: Old West Baltimore (Arcadia Publishing, 2020). Signed copies of the Old West Baltimore Book can be purchased at

Image of Nanny Jack animated courtesy of #MyHeritageDeepNostalgia

Image courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives


#NegroHistoryDetective 🕵🏽‍♂️






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