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The Martinsville Seven: 70 Years Later

We've included this post on because Philip J. Merrill, our CEO & Founder, spent the first years of his life in #HistoricSandtown (one of the neighborhoods that comprises #OldWestBaltimore) and because the #MartinsvilleSeven was covered by the #BaltimoreAfroAmericanNewspaper, which had roots in #OldWestBaltimore.

August 31, 2021- Virginia Governor #RalphNortham posthumously pardoned the #MartinsvilleSeven

On February 2, 1951 (70 years ago) #BookerTMillner was electrocuted for the alleged rape of a white woman in #MartinsvilleVirginia. Millner was one of 7 Black men known collectively as the #MartinsvilleSeven who were executed after Ruby Floyd accused them of rape in 1949. At the time, it was the state's largest execution for a single crime.

This is an excellent example of how important primary source material can be to the historical narrative. To learn more about this significant artifact, continue to follow, the #ArtifactualJourneyPodcast, and An Artifactual Journey with Philip J. Merrill of Nanny Jack & Co.

#NegroHistoryDetective 🕵🏽‍♂️

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives


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