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Souvenir African American Church Programs




#SouvenirAfricanAmericanChurchPrograms (1934-1977)





African American church websites across the country frequently leave out their church history, names of their early pastors, and their earlier locations. These souvenir programs are priceless black gold; they're chock filled with important church history, biographical information about the early pastors, photographs, black business advertisements from the community, and other church members/activities.

This is just a small sampling of the vast collection of church sourvenir programs within the Nanny Jack & Co Archives. We also have programs from Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, etc.

1) #SharonBaptistChurch 85th Anniversary of the Church and 25th Anniversary of the Pastor, James L. Moore, Stricker & Presstman Streets (1970)

2) 90th Anniversary of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Conference, Penna. Ave AMEZ Church, Rev. G.M. Edwards (1934)

3) #TrinityBaptistChurch 50th Anniversary and 9th Anniversary of the Pastor, Rev. Volley V.K. Stokes, Druid Hill Avenue & McMechen Street (1938)

4) 192nd Anniversary of #BethelAMEChurch, Rev. Dr. John R. Bryant, 1300 Druid Hill Avenue (1977)

5) Re-Entrance Celebration of St. John's AME Church, Rev. Harrison J. Bryant, 810 N Carrollton Avenue (1945)

Keepin' it historically significant ✊🏾




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