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National Poetry Month: Rev. Yorke Jones

Rev. Daniel Grafton Hill, Lincoln University Class of 1886, was the pastor of Bethel AME Church when they relocated to Druid Hill Avenue, Old West Baltimore, in 1910.,

#BethelAMEChurch-Baltimore, MD

The #NegroHistoryDetective and his assistant (Veronica A. Carr-Lincoln University Class of 2016) switched places today and Veronica was heavily reppin' her alma mater.

Lincoln University's global heritage and legacy is infinite and many other graduates deserve to be highlighted besides the usual names that the media always mentions in articles and events. #RevYorkeJones and #RevDrDanielGHill are prime examples.

Continue to follow us (as you have over the years) as we highlight and share significant content of Lincoln University students, staff, and community and their accomplishments.

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives


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