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On Old West Baltimore Ground: Madam C.J. Walker in Historic Old West Baltimore

Information on Madam C.J. Walker and daughter A'lelia Walker's footsteps in historic Old West Baltimore will be featured in the upcoming book, Old West Baltimore (Arcadia Publishing).

In addition, there were numerous beauty shops where the owners were trained in the Walker method, Poro College method (Annie Turnbo Malone), Apex Method (Madame Sara Spencer Washington), and the local method of Madame Jennie Creditt Jones with the Unique School of Beauty Culture and the Manufacture of Hair.

The below video highlights some of the Madam C.J. Walker artifacts within the Nanny Jack & Co Archives, as well as beauty culture items from other manufacturers.

Who viewing this remembers seeing their relative doing hair in the kitchen on a Saturday night or visiting any Black beauty salons in Old West Baltimore?

Read the article about the Netflix series, Self Made, and A'lelia Bundles' book, On Her Own Ground here, where Philip J. Merrill is quoted :


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