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Harvey Johnson Junior High School, South Baltimore



#RevDrHarveyJohnson (1843-1923) was born enslaved in Fauquier County, Virginia.

Johnson was the 5th pastor in Union Baptist Church's (#OldWestBaltimore, MD) history.

The public may be familiar with Union Baptist Church (located in #MarbleHill in #OldWestBaltimore), presently pastored by Rev. Dr. Alvin C. Hathaway and the Harvey Johnson Community Center, dedicated in 1956 and located at 1219 Druid Hill Avenue.

However, do you know about Harvey Johnson Junior High School #106, located at Hill and Sharp Streets in South Baltimore??????

According to the Baltimore AFRO American Newspaper, #School106 was named Harvey Johnson Junior High School in 1931 on the recommendation of Francis M. Wood, Director of Colored Schools. It was 1 of 8 schools in Baltimore that year to be named after prominent African Americans.

The images are as follows (Courtesy of the Nanny Jack & Co Archives)

1) Class Photo featuring John N. Cotton, Principal

2) Cabinet card of Rev. Dr. Harvey Johnson, pre 1900

3) June 1955 Diploma for Barbara Carter

4) June 1955 Commencement Program

5) June 1952 Johnsonian Press Newspaper

6) 1954-1955 Report Card for Barbara Carter

Keepin' it historically significant✊🏾

To learn more about the significance of Baltimore's colored school system, continue to stick with Nanny Jack & Co.


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