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Happy Birthday Cab Calloway!

#HappyBirthdayCabCalloway (December 25, 1907-November 18, 1994)

The world received a wonderful gift in 1907 on Christmas Day.

Cab made his stage debut at Baltimore's Regent Theatre in 1926; the first song he performed was "Tea for Two."

His mother Martha Eulalia Reed Calloway was a musician as was her mother, Annie Creditt Reed. Obviously talent ran in the family!

The items are as follows: (Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives). This is a sampling of a much larger Calloway family archive. More later on Blanche and Eulalia.

1) 1936 Lambert & Butler Tobacco Cigarette Card

2) January 1935 Admission Ticket to the Regent Theatre

3) The New Cab Calloway Hepster's Dictionary 1944 Edition

4) Photograph of Cab in overcoat and hat

5) From left to right: Eugene Stansbury & wife Mary, Cab Calloway, Valerie E Fraling and husband Dr. Matthew Fraling

6) First edition of Minnie the Moocher & Me, with dust jacket, Signed by Cab Calloway, 1976

7) Sheet music for the song "Never" performed by Cab Calloway & His Orchestra, 1931

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