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"Flickering Treasures" Exhibit Closing December 1

The Flickering Treasures exhibit at the National Building Museum (401 F St NW, Washington, D.C.) closes on December 1, 2019. Check out this wonderful exhibit featuring a few rare artifacts from the Nanny Jack & Co Archives.

Also, listen to our Artifactual Journey Podcast Episode 14 with Amy Davis, award-winning Baltimore Sun photojournalist and author of the book, Flickering Treasures, which the exhibit is based on:

This rare 1935 Regent Theatre ticket was supposed to be included in the exhibit, but it was misplaced.

Rare January 1935 Regent Theatre ticket. Courtesy of the Nanny Jack & Co Archives.

Enjoy some photos from the November 2018 opening of the Flickering Treasures exhibit.

Courtesy of Nanny Jack & Co Archives


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