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Nothin' But The Best for Booker T

Dear friend Jackie Oldham (pictured below) donated these rare Booker T. Bulletin newspapers. Her father, Oliver F. Oldham, was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper.


#BookerTWashingtonJuniorHighSchool (1301 McCulloh Street, Baltimore MD)

#BookerTBulletin-December 1942 (this is the first edition of the newspaper)


In 2007, I was designated the School Historian by the Friends of Booker T. Reunion and over the years, Nanny Jack & Co has diligently researched and acquired report cards, newspapers, autograph books, photographs, class ring, oral history, etc. from this important school in Old West Baltimore.

If anyone has anything they would like to share about Booker T., please contact us via

Stay tuned for more about the historical legacy of Booker T. Washington Junior High School. Nothin' but the best for Booker T. and the Old West Baltimore community.




Keepin it historically significant ✊🏾

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