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Merry Christmas from Nanny Jack & Co.

Merry Christmas from Nanny Jack & Co. This Christmas, we decided to highlight some holiday cheer from the Woodford Collection, the largest collection within the Nanny Jack & Co Archives. 

The below video is a small sampling of the artifacts from the collection which document one family’s journey from slavery to freedom. 

Charles M. Woodford, the son of former slaves Edward H. Woodford and Ida M. Woodford, lived at 1203 Harlem Avenue in Old West Baltimore. The Woodford children attended the schools in Old West Baltimore (like Booker T. Washington Junior High School) and Charles and his future wife, Stella Annive Creditt both taught at the Colored High School (at Pennsylvania Avenue and Dolphin Street) and later Frederick Douglass High School (at Carey, Calhoun, and Baker) in Old West Baltimore. 

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