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American Archives Month #2: Apex Beauty School

A sampling of items from the Apex News and Hair Co., founded and operated by Madame Sara Spencer Washington. A branch of the Apex School was located on Pennsylvania Avenue (Baltimore, MD). On October 4, 2018, Royston Scott will be premiering his film, "The Sara Spencer Washington Story" at the Baltimore International Black Film Festival.

Royston Scott will be speaking at Stockton University (New Jersey) on October 16, 2018. We'll be doing an upcoming podcast to promote his film and lecture.

To learn more about the film:…/story-behind-sara-spenc…

Old West Baltimore's connection to the black hair care industry was phenomenal. For instance, Poro Beauty College, Madame C.J. Walker, Madame Hunter, and the Unique School of Beauty and Culture and the Manufacturing of Hair, just to name a few, were entrenched in the community.

Artifacts courtesy of the Nanny Jack & Co Archives.

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