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American Archives Month #1: WWII College Student Handbooks

October is #AmericanArchivesMonth. Since 2006, American Archives Month has given the profession an opportunity to tell (or remind) people that items that are important to them are being preserved, cataloged, cared for, and made accessible by archivists.

Below are three WWII era college student handbooks from

Howard University (1940-41): 4.5 in x 2.5 in

Lincoln University of PA (1941-42): 4.75 in x 3.25 in

Johns Hopkins University (1941): 4.5 in x 3 in

A Black musician union member owned this handbook along with other calendar related books to document their performances at the university and elsewhere. The black music union, Local No. 543, was once located on Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore, MD and the vice president, Bubby Johnson, boarded at a home on Carrollton Avenue.

Courtesy of the Nanny Jack & Co Archives

A snippet from each handbook:

Howard University: "Student conduct: students are expected to show both within and without the university such respect for order, morality, personal honor, and the rights of others as is demanded of good citizens."

Lincoln University: "Chapel attendance: Chapel services are essentials parts of the College program. Attendance at these services is one of the requirements for academic advancement. Unavoidable absences of seniors and juniors should not exceed 50% of the total number of services in one semester; sophomores and freshman not more than 25%."

Johns Hopkins University: "Our Alma Mater in Dixie Land: Come stand together, we'll raise a cheer, and wave the Black and Blue. We pledge our faith as loyal sons, to Hopkins we'll be true. We love our college in Dixie Land, our university, we shout her praise as we march along one, two, three!"

Throughout the month Nanny Jack And Co Archives will be sharing other special collections and holdings in our vast archives. Many items have never been shared with the public before.

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