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Tracing Lives, Slavery to Today

Please join us on October 26 and 27, 2018 as the Hampton Ethnographic Team explores the lives of the enslaved and their descendants from the Hampton Plantation in Towson, Maryland. More details are provided on the flyer below.

This year, the Hampton National Historic Site will be celebrating its 70th anniversary year. In conjunction with the National Park Service, University of Maryland, and Towson University, this event, free and open to the public, will document the lives of the enslaved men and women who labored at Hampton and whose descendants ultimately migrated into other areas.

Philip J. Merrill, CEO and Founder of Nanny Jack & Co, and one of the consultants on this project, will present on the Harry S. Cummings family and their connections to Hampton, Lincoln University of Pennsylvania, and Historic Old West Baltimore. Harry, his brother Charles G. Cummings, and Harry's son, Harry S. Cummings, Jr. were all prominent Lincoln University alumni. His presentation will take place Friday afternoon.

For more information and updates, please like and follow our Facebook page: Tracing Lives: Hampton Ethnographic Assessment Project, our Twitter page: tracing_lives_H, and our Instagram page: tracing_lives

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