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Chesapeake Collectibles Black Americana Segment

The Black Americana highlights segment will air in 2019. Please follow and like their page for more information about the upcoming season.

Below are images from the Nanny Jack & Co Archives in a special Black Americana highlights segment. Common theme: each of the items is tied into historic Old West Baltimore!

Members of the Falcon Rod and Gun Club lived in Old West Baltimore, the School 103 Henry Highland Garnet tablet was from the school, which was situated in Old West Baltimore, William Norman Bishop, Lincoln University Class of 1912 and Yale Law School Class of 1915, lived in Old West Baltimore, and patrons from Old West Baltimore would visit Dr. George W. Kennard's Hospital in East Baltimore. And your truly, Philip J. Merrill, is from Sandtown-Winchester, Old West Baltimore.

When you want a knowledgeable journey, ride with Nanny Jack & Company! We take you places you never been!

I am fortunate to have consulted with the show for 8 years.

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