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Celebrating Lincoln University's Charter Day (April 24)

Yesterday, April 24, 2018, was Lincoln University's (PA) Charter  day. The institution received its charter 164 years ago from the State of Pennsylvania. During this time, the university has produced magnificent and gifted leaders, doctors, lawyers, politicians, teachers, and others who made significant contributions to history and uplifted the African American people. 

Of course, many of these distinguished individuals hailed from Old West Baltimore, such as: 

Harry S. Cummings, an attorney and  the first African American city councilmen in Baltimore. His sister, Ida R. Cummings, was one of the earliest African American kindergarten teachers in Baltimore

Warner T. McGuinn, a prominent lawyer and one of the earliest African American graduates of Yale University Law School

Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr., known as the the "101st U.S. Senator" who was instrumental in the passage of various Civil Rights bills 

William E. Griggs, a WWII soldier who was instrumental in documenting the experiences of the African American soldiers who built the Alaska Military Highway through photographs

These are just a few examples of the countless individuals who hail from Lincoln University and went on to not only change Baltimore's history, but American's history as well. 

Dr. Philip J. Merrill, CEO and Founder of Nanny Jack & Co., is not a Lincoln University graduate but he is a native son of Old West Baltimore and co-authored the book The World War II Black Regiment That Built the Alaska Military Highway: A Photographic History with Griggs.

Of course, the author of this article, Veronica A. Carr, is a proud Class of 2016 graduate from Lincoln University. 

To learn more about Lincoln University's fascinating history, please click on the link below to watch the Facebook live video: 

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Stick with Nanny Jack & Co. as we continue to uncover more aspects of Lincoln University's history, including the former slaves who attended the institution in its early years and who truly embodied Lincoln University's motto: "If the Son shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." 

Hail, hail Lincoln!

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