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Happy Birthday Lady Day!


Happy Birthday Eleanora Fagan (April 7, 1915-July 17, 1959), otherwise known as #BillieHoliday! In 1937, Lester Young, whom Holiday had nicknamed "Prez" gave her the nickname "Lady Day" and that was the year she joined Count Basie's Band.

One of the many venues that she jam packed during her nearly 30 year career was the famed #BaltimoresClubAstoria in #OldWestBaltimore.

Interesting tidbit: Met a retired educator at the library one day, who told me as a young lady she used to walk Billie Holiday's dog.

There will never be another #LadyDay.

'Nuff Said!

#TellMeMoreandThenSome documentary will be released later this year and Billie Holiday's career will be discussed in the film.


The autographed Billie Holiday 45 RPM is courtesy of #NannyJackAndCoArchives

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