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Celebrating the NAACP's 109th Birthday

#OTD On this date February 12, 1909 #NAACPTurns109 #CelebratingFoundersDay #BlackHistoryMonth #FreedomFighters #CivilRightsActivism #ColoredYMCA

Authentic November 1914 edition of the #CrisisMagazine, official organ of the NAACP, edited by Dr. W.E.B. DuBois. This edition was saved from the trash can! It’s full of cutting edge current events significant to the colored race. A few examples of information published in the magazine:

“A new colored directory has been published in Philadelphia”

“A colored broker in Baltimore estimates that the colored people of that city own property worth $7-10 million.” Many of these homes were owned by people who lived in Old West Baltimore.

Also offered sobering statistics of the #NumberofColoredMenandWomenLynchedWithoutTrial

The office of the magazine was located at 70 Fifth Avenue, New York City.

This, along with other magnificent items, was from the Bishop family, who last resided at 1216 McCulloh Street in Old West Baltimore.

#BlackAmericana #NannyJackAndCo #KnowHistoryKnowSelf

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